User Registration Process

I'm ready - How do I proceed ?"

"If you have filed a Claim with a receiver, please attach a copy to your signed Agreement"

  1. First, read " Benefits of joining One Voice action group" and "Mission Statement"
  2. Read thoroughly the questions and answers
  3. Peruse through the "One Voice action group Agreement Mandate"
  4. If necessary, seek independent legal advice if you wish, to clarify anything as needed in (3) above
  5. When you are ready, click on "I agree" and make provision to wire your Subscription joining fee to the details provided in the Agreement (or write a cheque) to the solicitor's details given on the link "send payment here".
  6. Note: the payment must be made in pounds, sterling, and no other currency.

  7. Download TWO copies of the agreement Document[83 kb], sign BOTH copies. Have the signature WITNESSED and signed by a witness on each
  8. Then photocopy the hard copy of the Agreement (keep the photocopy for your own records).
  9. Then post the TWO hard copies of the signed Agreement to Elizabeth Watson's address (if preferred, a sterling cheque can be sent with this, rather than wiring your funds, made payable to the solicitors, which can be forwarded on to them on your behalf). One copy will then be signed by Elizabeth Watson on behalf of Discoveries Int'l Ltd as the 'One Voice' Founder, and returned for your records and one copy will be retained here. Remember, all joining members claims will be dealt with in the order, and priority, that they are received. Don't delay or you may miss out, as this is a time-sensitive offer.
  10. Ensure you have provided a 'working email address'AND a 2nd back up email address so you can be easily contacted for future events, mailings, updates etc; this is v.important.
  11. When the date for the General Meeting is announced, please confirm your attendance promptly. this is important because of booking the right size venue for this event.
  12. Regularly check the website for updates and revisions.




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