Registration fee payment

"(see 5.2.3 in the Member's agreement): The above fee shall be paid  send directly to the Ovag the solicitors instructed by the Founder, namely Osmond & Osmond of 62-67 Temple Chambers, Temple Avenue, London EC4Y 0HP (Ref: WJO/2360) whose client account details are:

National Westminster Bank PLC, Chancery Lane & Holborn Branch, PO Box 159, 332 High Holborn, London WC1V 7PS UK Osmond & Osmond Client Account Sort code: 60-40-04 Account No. 20713932 IBAN No. GB 73 NWBK 604004 20713932"

It may be easiest to have two joining options listed there

Option One: susbcription fee payable upofront

Option Two:  No upfront fee or subscription

It is now possible to select which option best suits you, in order to lodge your claim within the Group Action through One Voice: either Option One, which involves a capped £1,000 subscription fee, payable up front, in return for a capped Success fee of 35%, payable only on successful outcome and recovery of your claim. OR, Option Two, which involves NO up front subscription fee, in return for a slightly higher capped Success fee of 39%. In both cases of Options One or Two, we will be obtaining an Indemnity from the 3rd party funder, against any liabilities or adverse costs in this case.

NB: For overseas wires, please ensure that you send the payment in STERLING, and ensure that all charges are paid at your end, i.e. so that the full amount of £1k per claim is received by the solicitors. You can ring the Foreign Desk in your bank, asking to 'buy' sterling currency, then ask to send £1,000 to the above bank account for the solicitors. They will quote you the rate of exchange for that time, and you can ensure they understand that all charges must be pre-paid".

"If you prefer to post a cheque with the signed forms together, instead of sending a wire, please send to:

Liz WaTson
C/o Discoveries International Ltd,
3 Roslin Road,Bournemouth,
Dorset BH3 7JA,

(It will be forwarded on to the solicitors for you).

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