Mission Statement


The “Mission”, goals and purpose of One Voice Action Group is to focus on creating an opportunity for creditors in the Dobb White/Vavasseur Fraud to participate in recovered benefits by first becoming a formal member of the Group, which in turn commits to :


  • pursuing opportunities for obtaining financial restitution and recovery in as many forms as possible, leaving no stone unturned, and
  • to provide appropriate help wherever possible to creditors in the Dobb White / Vavasseur Fraud who elect to become One Voice members and who agree to abide by the Group’s rules.
  • These rules are in place for the benefit of everyone, and to ensure the smooth running of everything involved with the process of meeting the commitments outlined below, to the best of our ability, and with the common good of all in mind.
  • The commitment is established to work productively and interactively where possible and where appropriate with its’ members, in order to facilitate the accomplishment of the pre-set objectives and goals, and to provide as much help as possible to those who elect to align with this commitment, and in whatever way can be made accessible to its’ members, within normal constraints of operating.


  1. To unite all parties who have been caught up in the Dobb White / Vavasseur Fraud, with the common purpose of seeking restitution, retribution, and damages, and compensation, from those who have wronged them.
  2. To provide total commitment to seek to restore everything that they have lost in financial terms, as a helpful start. Whilst no guarantees can be given as to outcome, naturally, the total commitment for success is there, and this commitment is certain. Due consideration will be given to all avenues that are open to us to pursue, with our goals in mind.
  3. To provide access, on a no-win-no-fee basis, to a carefully selected and highly qualified Legal Team who have secured a commitment for funding our Case against culpable parties and ‘operators’ in the Fraud, with Liz Watson acting as both the Principal of 'One Voice Action Group', and also in the role of a Consultant who is behind the introduction of all ‘key’ parties to each other. Independent legal advice has asked that Liz Watson, to be appointed as a Consultant to the Legal Team, will provide the Legal Team with 'one voice' to deal with (at their request), on behalf of The Class. Liz Watson will also be appointed as a Consultant to a Trust Company which is being set up to provide the administrative role and function, and management of, the Case, acting as an interface between the 'One Voice' members, and the Legal Team and other parties. An early 'One Voice' members meeting will be convened after the Group is constituted, and a Creditors Claims committee to be formed, and set up.
  4. To seek correction of wrongs that may have arisen within the Administration of this Case from the Receivers, or the Serious Fraud Office, or the FSA, or any other party who has been involved where there are pressing issues that need to be addressed, and to bring the culpable parties forward and call them to 'count'.
  5. To work pro-actively with the Legal Team in their strides to obtaining full financial recompense, and where possible, obtaining substantive damages for the hardship caused to all affected parties over the past several years in this Case.
  6. To provide a platform of support and help in whatever way is possible to reach the needs of 'ONE VOICE' members.
  7. To conduct as far as we are able, an interactive relationship with 'ONE VOICE' members, working with a creative Mindset (as opposed to a competitive one), and focusing on the greatest good for the greatest number as its’ main aim, helping members both individually, and collectively.
  8. To work resourcefully with 'ONE VOICE' members who may have important or useful information / contacts / suggestions to contribute which can advance, progress or fulfil the aims and objectives of the Group, where the individual success determines the success of either a sub-group in the Case, or of the whole, as far as possible.
  9. To encourage unity and support amongst its’ members, and to promote consideration, helpfulness, and understanding between members themselves. (Remembering that we are “all in this together” and therefore “ we can all come out of it together”: common goals, common purpose – duly considering the strengths of a unified group with a common goal and set of directives.)
  10. To do whatever it takes to be effective in achieving the desired outcome in our goals, aims, and intentions, without compromising the whole and without compromising the Rules of Conduct.
  11. To discover the strength and comfort in 'ONE VOICE' as a group that can make a difference to overcoming the challenges and devastation from Fraud cases such as this one, and to reverse these injustices wherever possible, through appropriate means and through taking appropriate steps and appropriate action.
  12. To provide comfort and encouragement to everyone who has been victimized by the wrong-doing of others, and to work at redressing the balance wherever possible, resolving injustices, righting wrongs, helping to service the cause of Justice, working alongside a "Higher Justice" simultaneously, and to restore harmony to the innocent.

Best Regards
Liz Watson
(Founder: One Voice Action Group)

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