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PART 1: Q & A ´s about One Voice Action Group & signing up

Q & A´s as to why you need to priortise joining One Voice and be counted


PART 1: Q & A´s about One Voice Action Group & signing up

1. Q: Why is the Action Group being called "One Voice" ?

A: This is because the creditors, or parties who have been wronged in this matter, have to date, been given the least priority of all the Authorities and advisors who are responsible for handling the Estate of the accused parties, and this is an opportunity for us to unite and become "one voice". The objective is to provide a helpful 'platform' to obtain full restitution, and for the wronged parties to literally, "get their voice back" and then "to have that voice heard, where it counts", as a group. It is a commonly held opinion amongst creditors that little, or no priority or consideration has been given to date, to recovering the losses of the creditors, nor has any useful emphasis been placed, nor useful impact made, on obtaining restitution for the victims of this Fraud Case, since October 2002 to the present day - much to the dismay of all of us. Further, due to the way the Case has been administrated by various parties involved here, it is inarguable that the needs of the creditors has regrettably been put on the 'back burner', while other issues (which do not help the creditors or their 'Cause' at all), have been given precedence and the spotlight in the Public Arena. 'One Voice' should help to redress that.

2. Q: Why do we need to launch a Class Action if the Receivers are already dealing with the matter on creditors behalf ?

A: Because the Receivers have only recovered ITRO $38million of creditors money through the various offshore accounts, and there remains an alleged $210 million or more, missing. Therefore, the most that creditors can hope to recover via the Receivers, is between 5% and 17% on the dollar, leaving a potential shortfall of between 87% and 95% on the money they invested or lost - which appears to have just "disappeared" or "gone up in smoke". The creditors claim may include an account of any withdrawals they may have made while the Scheme/s were operating, but excludes any claims for aspects of any loss they suffered, or the severe compounding effects of these losses over the 6 year period in question, or other forms of damages. Therefore, whoever is ultimately 'answerable' or responsible for causing this loss to be suffered, to varying degrees, amongst 'One Voice' Claimants, will be brought to task through this Class Action, and restitution claimed in full. A Class Action will enable us all to "stack the odds of winning in our favour".

3. Q: When will the 'Class' be deemed to be officially constituted ?

A: The Class will be deemed to be "officially constituted" once the first 5-10 people have signed and paid up to become members of 'One Voice'. A target has been set for a "minimum take up" to be achieved, for the purposes of this Action Group being commercially and financially viable, however.

4. Q: What exactly is "the minimum take up" ?

A: This means there needs to be at least 25 people, or more, who are signed and paid up as members of 'One Voice'. Once this target is reached, we will be officially constituted and ready to proceed with the next important step, of getting the funding agreements and legal agreements, insurances etc in place. New members will continue to join 'One Voice' in any event, but the important foundations will have already been set.

5. Q: Which firm of solicitors is expected to be acting for the Class ?

A: This will be disclosed at the first General Meeting, to be convened once the 'minimum take up' is achieved in constituting the Class. They are a leading London law firm with an excellent track record, listed in the "Top 500 law firms in the UK", but are in fact in the top 25 law firms in the UK, or better. They are the ideal law firm for this Case, are high profile in London, and have all the relevant expertise, strategic knowledge, experience in running Class Actions, and previous track record of success.

6. Q: What is the "Time Limitation" issue all about ? Why do I need to act immediately to protect my interests ?

A: This refers to the fact that in Civil Law or Civil Fraud or negligence cases, there is a time limit of SIX YEARS from when the loss became known to you. If the Claim is not issued before the 6 years expires, then you become "time barred" by the Rules of the Court. This is why we are all on a "critical deadline" to ACT, now. If we do not, the 'window' to recover our money may be lost, forever. The opportunity to join 'One Voice' Class Action is therefore extremely time-sensitive, and if you are resolved to want to have the best chance you may ever get to recover your losses and seek damages awards, then it is important, even paramount, to take appropriate action and take up the offer immediately. Otherwise, you can only live to regret it, and you may even regret it for many years to come, if you pass this chance up. Many of us already feel steeped in regret for trusting the wrong people which led to our loss in the first place, but you need to separate this 'thought' from the constructive action you can take, and are being invited to take, now. This is also because it does not serve you to sabotage your chance of recovery, and so it is arguable that at least you owe it to yourself now to do something practical to correct this unhappy state of affairs.

7. Q: I have already filed a Claim with Baker Tilly or with Roy Terry of Durrette Bradshaw - can those details be used to save me from having to file my details all over again ?

A: Yes , for the most part . By becoming a member of 'One Voice', you will be consenting to your records with the Receivers being accessed, and the information used to lodge your claim. Further up to date information may be needed, of course, but it should save a lot of time and effort over all. Baker Tilly have agreed to include the information of this opportunity with 'One Voice' to recover 'full quantum' of your losses in their next newsletter, to supplement the (possibly significant) shortfall in the payouts the Receivers are making / have made, and they are considering doing a special Mailing for it too. Baker Tilly, through their 'Cooperation Agreement' with Roy Terry in the USA, have indicated that they should be able to access the American creditors records on the exact same basis as the creditors in Uk and the rest of the world.

8. Q: What will be the consequence if I decide to wait and see what happens, before deciding to join 'One Voice' ?

A: Nobody can predict this 100%, but the chances are that the opportunity will be 'closed off' if you take too long to decide. There has to be a cut-off point, and because the main losses occurred nearly 6 years ago, it is already beyond the "eleventh hour". This is because of a) critical Time limitation issues; b) preparation of the Case will already be underway and the Claim may already have been served and issued in the Court, making it difficult to add latecomers; c) the main work may already have been carried out on the various claims arising in the sub-groups within the Case as a whole, by the time you want to join in, and time is already very 'tight'; Also the claimants details may have had to be 'closed off' by the Legal Team and the drawbridge pulled up because of the Case Management and timetabling of running the Case, so you may end up being disappointed if you do not act now - this is the risk you will be taking if you delay your decision , and it may work against both your own interests and the interests of the group if you procrastinate or dither. We implore you to take the important step to help yourself and process your registration, right away.

9. Q: How do I know my money will be used for the purposes intended and that I'll get what I'm entitled to ?

A: The money will be paid into a solicitors Client Account, and full details of the financial arrangements are included in the 'One Voice' agreement that you sign, which amounts to a Mandate instruction that becomes mutually binding between the beneficiaries, the funders, and the Legal Team, once it all gets properly set up after the group is constituted. Relative to the sum you stand to recover, and relative to what the 'real cost' has been in suffering these past 6 years, the subscription is a token payment, like "throwing a sprat to catch a whale", and we fervently believe will yield significant dividends in due course. The 'One Voice' agreement will be presented to the Legal Team and eventually to the Court, if the Case isn't first settled outside of the Court. This is a professional and proper arrangement, unlike any earlier attempts or 'false starts' that may have failed with certain other parties, particularly in 2005/2006.

10. Q: What happens if we lose the case, and become liable for costs on the other side ?

A: Although it is highly unlikely this will occur, responsible provision still has to be made, so the 'One Voice' Agreement commits to oversee for all necessary insurances to be put in place, and for every step to be taken to indemnify One Voice members against any adverse costs Orders from the Court or similar, as part of the benefits of the Agreement in becoming a 'One Voice' member. You will no doubt agree, it is unusual to be in a position to be able to offer a predominant 'no win no fee' or contingency basis to claimants in a Class action of this size, and especially for these 'larger than average investment' amounts. It is a far more attractive scenario than trying to litigate single-handedly, or in small groups, and several such attempts have already failed in the past several years, for the reasons explained above, and because of not having the advantage of a larger united group / Class - and with all the 'self-contained resources' that a Class can offer.

11. Q: How do I know I won't be throwing good money after bad ?

A: This is a thought that many people will naturally have, and a question that many may well be asking. It stems from the belief "once bitten, twice shy", which is understandable on one level , after what we have all been through . However, a question you could perhaps usefully ask yourself instead is: "can I afford NOT to take every step available to me, or genuine offer made to me, to obtain restitution and recovery of my stolen moneys ?" I, for one, can truthfully tell you that I haven't given up everything in my path over these past 6 years, leading to a stage where I can now see clearly how to initiate this Action Group, to achieve 'the greatest good for the greatest number' , just for 'fun'. It has been fuelled, and driven, by an enormous committment to an inner Vision, that things CAN be turned around for us all, if we are uniformly effective in our approach in seeking to do this. One bad experience can surely not be allowed to determine all future decisions to the extent of blocking genuine help when it is offered, nor should it be allowed to 'colour' your view of whether you deserve to receive help to recover your losses, because this is something you most definitely DO deserve. Keep things in perspective if you can, it will help you realise that rather than thinking of the 'potential lifeline offer' as a chance of 'throwing good money after bad', you can instead choose a more self-supportive and understanding approach in considering that "whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve". I implore you to consider the latter option.

12. Q: What if I feel I can't afford to pay the Membership subscription fee ?

A: If you feel you can't afford this, then first ask yourself if money wasn't an issue, whether you would still go ahead and join 'One Voice' ? If the answer is 'no', then maybe you have resolved all issues surrounding this matter, internally, and given up on other possiblities or positive scenarios / outcomes occurring - which may or may not be true for you. If the answer is 'yes', then it comes down to considering what VALUE this opportunity holds for you ? if you see value in it, and believe you deserve what 'One Voice' aims to offer you, with the genuine prospect of recovering a large part, or all, or more than, your losses, plus damages, then perhaps you can consider finding a 'different way' to obtain the money to be a part of this Initiative: e.g. approaching a friend, or a relative, other family member, business associate, or even a lender, for a small loan, even if it means paying them back gradually and in instalments, to enable you to meet the subscription requirement. Think of it as "leveraging the help that you deserve to receive." When you consider the cost of "doing nothing" versus "taking appropriate action to help yourself" while at the same time seeing the outlay is a managed sum, because the figure is capped off, then you may begin to see things differently. Other considerations that are relevant here are: the cost of seeing a good lawyer averages at around £300 to £400 per hour. The cost of bringing a Case to Court individually could run into tens of thousands of pounds (and the cost of litigating can often outweigh the sums recovered !), and there could also be 'adverse costs orders' slapped against you if you lose from having to pay the other side's costs, then the offer of only having to pay £1,000 in total starts to look more attractive ? Also, the cost of launching this Initiative has ' cost ' Elizabeth Watson to 'forfeit' several years of income through the time and effort she has spent on researching and investigating the facts of this Case, and hopefully this will help put things in perspective too. There is also the matter of asking yourself this: "If I knew I would not fail in what I set out to achieve, would I make the decision to go forward and do it ?" Now take this to a collective/transpersonal level and ask: "If we know we can not fail in this venture because of the power of the group focus, the energy, committment, determination, factual discoveries and working with Principle (the highest thing, going even beyond human Law), with a top Legal team, funding etc all on our side and in place, then could, and would, we succeed ?" The answer is a resounding "YES" ! It all gets down to 'the balance of probability' , and once again its' about stacking those odds in your favour.

13. Q: How can I find the necessary enthusiasm to do what it takes to help myself and my family recover our losses, if I still feel conflict within ?

A: You can feel the fear and do it anyway. You can choose to trust the offer is being made in openness and good faith to help everyone who is in the same boat. You can consider that all the people making up the helpful Recovery Team are sharing in the "risk", along with ourselves, in running this Case - because of one common denominator: we are taking a stand for what it is right to do, we believe we will win, we are united by this belief, and the merits of the Case already "stack up" where it matters to the Legal Team. Remember, the people working on this Case to help us don't have to take on the risk, they are only doing so because the odds are stacked in our favour, of winning the Case. It may also be helpful to you to know that Elizabeth Watson has also spent more than 18 months hunting down the right leading Law firm to take on this important Case, after having had to surmount countless obstacles and challenges, especially because of 'conflicts of interest' arising from several of the culpable parties or defendants, precluding large numbers of solicitors from being in a position to take the Case on. Certain defendants have a significant "invisible armour" in this way, because they even virtually own, or have 'beholden to them', many of the top Law firms in this country ! In this sense, starting litigation on this scale and magnitude in this country is not easy, as the 'System' does not offer a level playing field at all, and such challenges have not been easy to overcome. It has also been critical in finding the right type of law firm that has the necessary areas of expertise, as well as the capability, and relevant experience with running Class actions, and we are very fortunate to now have that in place. The merits of the Case have even been described fairly recently by leading counsel's opinion as "dead certain" and "meritorious". How many more signs do we need to take appropriate action and now move forward ? The decision to launch this Initiative has not been taken lightly, but has evolved over a lengthy passage of time, research, and committed, consistent effort.

14. Q: what happens if I've already signed up with another group, elsewhere, for the same Case ? Can I still join 'One Voice' ?

A: The answer is 'yes'. If you provide the full details of the other group, the Legal Team can advise you how to protect your interest and work through any issues that may need to be resolved there, including terminating any earlier (failed or unfruitful) arrangements you may have hanging over you. It is your right to pursue your best options and go after your obvious best interests in recovering your losses, and obtaining restitution, without being bound by a historical arrangement which has not yielded any results to you. If the group claimant has issues that relate to extricating from another unsuccessful "Fighting Fund" , please email me separately about this so that I can advise you on what the solicitors have suggested they will put in place to assist you with this. Regardless, you can proceed right away with your application to join 'One Voice', and it may be possible for steps to be taken to help you recover your losses from any previous 'Fighting Fund' in due course, if enough people elect to request this.

15. Q: Once I've signed and paid up with 'One Voice', what will happen next ?

A: You will be asked to complete a Questionnaire (put together by the Legal Team) in order to categorise the most appropriate sub-group for your Claim. You will also be invited to attend the important General Meeting, when the Committee will be elected. You will also be asked to coordinate any other relevant information that you may have that is useful to this Case, or to your claim, and will be asked to share details of anyone else you know that may be eligible in this Case to lodge a claim. You will also be asked to provide a working email address to contact you by, which is very important.

16. Q: How will I get all the updates and information being provided to One Voice members ?

A: This will be obtained through the 'One Voice' website. Every joining member will be asked to provide a working email address so that you can access Newsletters (if you don't have a computer, please borrow the email address from a relative for your updates to be sent there instead), information and updates through the 'One Voice' website on a regular basis, to keep costs and time expenditure down in avoiding having to do mailings etc. This is a very important aspect of conveying information to members, and so provision for internet access needs to be made by each joining member. All members will be assigned a 'passcode' which will give them privileged access to the 'One Voice' back office, on line. This part of the website will NOT be visible on the 'Home Page' or to passing visitors looking up 'One Voice's website through search engines etc. It will be a strictly "members only" area. There may also be teleconferences, if needed, from time to time. If a Members Forum is required on the website Members back office area, this may be possible to arrange with the proviso that a Moderator volunteers their services on behalf of the Forum, which can be discussed at the first General Meeting.

17. Q: How important is my attendance to the General Meeting to be convened, and when will it be ?

A: your attendance to the first General Meeting is very important. This is because the Committee will be elected and formed, the Legal Team will be announced and introduced, and there will be important information given to all One Voice members, of a strictly confidential nature. It is therefore in your express interests to make sure that you can attend the meeting, and to alter any other arrangements that may make attendance difficult, if at all possible. The date that we hope to be aiming for is expected to be sometime during March or early April, this year. If you are overseas, then it will be very important to have at least one representative from each sub-group of claimants travelling to the Uk and attending on behalf of the sub-group.

PART 2: Q & A´s as to why you need to priortise joining One Voice and be counted

1. Q; How can I make a difference to any of the apparent injustices that have occurred, by joining "One Voice", at this late stage ?

A: Although it is indeed a 'late stage', it is still not too late (see Time Limitation issues above). Collectively, as a united group and as 'one voice', we can, and will, make a huge difference, where it counts and where it matters: in being heard at Government level, in being heard by the Regulators who need to address some 'key issues', in being heard by the fraudsters who have managed to 'get away with' a great deal, to date, or so it appears on the outside; in being heard by the Authorities who have pursued their respective 'remits' sometimes without due consideration to what we, the creditors, deem to be the "priority" here: which is restitution of our stolen moneys. By joining 'One Voice', you can become the change that you want to see.

2. Q: Why has this huge loss and 'disappearance of our money' been able to happen in the first place, and how can being a member of 'One Voice' help me now ?

A: It is a fact that the Financial Services Industry is more heavily regulated now than it was back in early 2001, by the likes of the FSA (Financial Services Authority) and the SEC (Securities & Exchange commission, the US equivalent). However, even back in 2000/2001, there were strict regulations and Principles in place to supposedly 'protect' the Public from breaches of these regulations. The many parties who were actively involved in conducting the Dobb White Operation and/or Schemes which led to the loss of creditors moneys are, nevertheless answerable, under the Regulators 'Rules'. The problems have mainly arisen NOT because the Regulations and Principles are not in place, but because those bound to adhere to them and to uphold them, have not done so, and because it is self-evident that the Regulators, themselves, have failed (for the most part) to uphold their own "remit" in this regard. It's high time something was done about this, and taking appropriate action, is long overdue. By becoming a member of 'One Voice', we can as a united Class, place the necessary pressure for restitution and retribution on those major Financial Institutions who elected to ignore their Regulator's Rules and Principles, and other acts of omission and neglect, and which provided the crucial banking services to the team of fraudsters, on a significant scale, which directly lumbered all of us with the consequences of their actions and 'Team' efforts ! Namely, without their cooperation and services provided to the fraudsters, no loss could, or would, have occurred, as the entire 'plot or Operation' would have been reduced to a mere "Mind Game". The financial service providers, amongst others, took things to a different level, put the 'fuel' in the engine, and then turbo-charged that 'engine' or Fraud Operation to cause the damage that followed.....and it was we, the creditors, who ended up having to "carry the can back", no one else has, to date, owned up and taken responsibility here for what occurred. 'One Voice' is being formed to urgently redress this situation.

3. Q: Will anything be done at a Government or official level to tackle the unfairness of what has occurred, where the fraudsters have so far 'got away with it' ?

A: yes, indeed, this is one of the key aims of 'One Voice': for pro-active steps to be taken, to be heard at the right levels because we are a united, and focused, group, that is committed to 'righting the wrongs' and exposing the weaknesses in the System where the Public interest has not been upheld.

4. Q: How have these Regulatory problems and issues directly affected the creditors who have suffered loss in this Operational set up by the fraudsters ?

A: Well, the bottom line is that the Regulators have to date been unable to adequately or appropiately enforce the standards that have been set, and updated since 2001, which amongst other things is: to protect, and uphold, the Public interest where certain standards around 'investments' are concerned, and to provide 'protection' to the Public interest through the 'Rules' where money changes hands, or are in clear breach of the money-laundering and 'KYC' (Know your client) regulations required as a standard of Practice from banks etc. This 'gap' and shortfall has resulted in costly "incongruence" between the regulations, the Regulators, and the regulated - and we, as members of the Public who have been directly affected by this to the extent we have had to carry the weight of the losses through the disappearance of our moneys for these past six years !

5. Q: How do I know this 'One Voice' Class Action is a genuine opportunity to seek restitution on my losses ?

A: The Principal of 'One Voice' is Elizabeth Watson, as outlined in the Agreement, and she is a creditor of the Case herself, so her motivation has been enormous, as she knows the 'pain' of the losses suffered here - through witnessing her own family, friends, and acquaintances going through untold difficulties directly arising from the Dobb White fraud case. She has spent the last 6 years tirelessly investigating the facts of the Fraud that arose, on a "needs must" basis. It may be worth emphasising that this has involved significant sacrifices of her time, effort, social life and family time in pursuing matters to a useful stage, and has required enormous committment and Vision to see through this initiative to help other fellow creditors in the Case, and to surmount many obstacles along the way. This stage of realisation on the part of Elizabeth, that she may be able to help ALL the wronged parties in this matter, because of her 'findings', was reached by about 2005, after many gruelling experiences and revelations had taken place. The reason Elizabeth had access to quite a lot of 'relevant data' regarding the Case, is partly because Shin Gangar used to regularly visit her family in Bournemouth, during his 'serenading' period of pretending that "full restitution was imminent" (supposedly), month after month, and he kept up this delusion and pretence for at least 2.5 years following the SFO dawn raids. It is, therefore, a completely genuine opportunity to seek full restitution of your losses, based on tireless hard work and years of focusing on the goals set by the Principal to take things to a stage where this work can, conceivably, be useful to everyone who has been involved.

6. Q: Why has it taken so long to organise any 'private' help for all the creditors ?

A: As many people already know, Shin Gangar & Alan White were 'connivingly successful' in stringing most creditors along for a protracted period of time, albeit under cover for the most part, by falsely telling them between October 2002 right up to 2005/2006 that they "would be making restitution, imminently". Yet, as we all know to our cost and our detriment, these promises were empty, based on mere fantasy and delusion, and the "jam tomorrow" story continued for at least 2.5 to 3 years - until the SFO finally charged them with "conspiracy to defraud" amongst other things, and formally debarred them from communicating with creditors - even though they continued to retain contact with a few of them even after these bail conditions were imposed. Many people also know that Shin Gangar spent 7 months in jail from April to October 2006, for breaching his bail conditions and continuing his fraudulent activities.

7. Q: How was Shin Gangar able to continue his activities, even after he was charged, put on bail, or jailed ?

A: This is directly because he had built a 'support system' around him, which comprised a "winning team" that helped him accomplish what he did, and that 'Team' is still going, even today. A lack of information amongst the creditors has further given rise to yet more delays, concealments, subterfuge, decoys and 'red herrings', and ongoing uncertainty and confusion amongst the wronged parties. Shin Gangar & Alan White's continued 'denial' of the truth of what has actually occurred has retained the "status quo" that we have, today. The Judicial System has so far, proved inadequate to deal with the cunning confidence tricks of the fraudsters involved in this set up, which is also known as a "boiler house scheme". None of us have yet been given the full picture, nor the true story - only fragments of the 'whole'.

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