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If you have suffered loss as a result of wiring money to Dobb White or one of their associated offshore companies for a so-called 'investment' into their Scheme/s, then you are eligible to apply to join as a One Voice member. You will need to first complete the Members Agreement form on this link click here , and follow the instructions here on this link click here, and wire your registration fee to this link click here. Your application will then go through a checking process, and provided there is no conflict of interests and your application is approved, then you will be notified by email and sent a passcode to access the 'Members Area' back office of the 'One Voice' website. See benefits of membership here click here, as a Member of One Voice you will also have access to the Members Open forum."

  1. Did you send money to Dobb White or any of their associated companies ?
  2. Were you offered a 'Letter of Undertaking' at any time by Dobb White, Shin Gangar, Morris White, or their representatives?
  3. Did you receive at least one 'Letter of Undertaking' from Dobb White ?
  4. Did you rely on the Dobb White 'Letter of Undertaking' as being a truthful statement ?
  5. Did you suffer loss as a result of wiring funds into the Scheme/s ?
  6. Did you file a claim with the Receivers (either Baker Tilly, Roy Terry, Price Waterhouse Coopers, or all three) ?
  7. Did you understand that your money was being held in the 'safety' of a "Custodian" account ?
  8. Did you place, or borrow money, to enter the Scheme, on the understanding that your capital was safe and guaranteed?
  9. Do you believe you have been deceived by the representations that were made by Dobb White, their Directors or cohorts?

If you answered "YES" to 3 OR more of these questions, then you are eligible to join


"This is a highly time-sensitive offer, so it is vitally important to submit your claims as a matter of urgency. The benefits of doing this immediately are several:

  1. It will secure your position in the Class as a claimant, and, subject to acceptance, in having your claim represented by the Legal team on a 'no win no fee' basis with provision made for full insurances etc (all claims will be dealt with in the order they are received)
  2. It will enable us to reach the core group of claimants more quickly, at which time the Lawyers can commence their full assessment and structuring on the merits of the Case (hopefully in this coming week, everything can be set up for this);
  3. It will enable us to confirm sooner rather than later, once the 'minimum take up' is achieved, which will benefit everyone in this help being provided for restitution
  4. You won't then run the risk of 'missing the boat' if the offer to take on new claims is then closed off: it may be withdrawn or closed at any time, once we have a full complement of claimants in each category, hence the earlier you can register and submit your details, the better.
  5. You will be the first to hear about when the General Meeting date will be convened, at which time the Law firm will be announced and a Committee elected.
  6. You will be eligible for nomination, or to nominate someone, on the committee ( Please note, any later registrants will not have the foregoing advantages, since the General Meeting may have already taken place by then, too).
  7. It will enable us to ensure that your claim is NOT time-barred (very important)
  8. Above all, it will enable you to have a genuine prospect of obtaining restitution with your claim/s, between 7 to 20 times more than the level that you can hope to achieve through the Receiver's at this time



If you could peruse the agreement through, and if you would like to join 'One Voice', you will then need to do the following:-

  1. After carefully reading through the Agreement, please download one copy of it, with TWO copies of the last 4 pages (i.e. Schedules 1,2,3, & 4) - you can always just photocopy those last 4 pages after completing the details on them.
  2. Note: Please leave Schedule 4, BLANK: this is what I will be signing as Founder of One Voice and Director of Discoveries International Limited.

  3. Please complete the last 4 pages with your details on BOTH sets of copies, cross-referencing it if you wish with any claim previously filed with the Receivers, and attaching copies of the same.
  4. Get your signature witnessed on 'Schedule 2' and obtain the witness' signature & details to be entered on the Schedule 2 as well.
  5. Enter your name/s on Schedule 1. If you have a spouse who invested separately and needs to make a claim, please complete one form for each claimant.
  6. Due to the fact we are now at the next stage of progressing this Group Action, please can you email to obtain information on where to send your details and One Voice subscription payment.
  7. Please then send the 2 copies of original signed Schedules with your details to me at: Liz Watson, 3 Roslin Road, Bournemouth, Dorset BH3 7JA. This is very important. If you choose to enclose payment as a cheque with your Schedules and post them to me, this is also an option, and I can forward the cheques on to the solicitor.
  8. Please ensure that you then email me to confirm you have submitted your Claim, on: AND also on: a back up) providing your OWN working email address, telephone number (and a 2nd back up email address if possible). This way I can keep track of all claims and chase up any that don't arrive or go astray etc.
  9. I will then ensure that I sign Schedule 4, and return a copy of it to you for your records, and retain a copy on the Master files.

If you have any queries with regards to the foregoing, please email me on the email addresses notified in (7) above. If it is important, you can telephone on this number:


tel: (44) 0871 200 2455 (please note, calls cost 10 pence per minute)


Kind regards, Liz Watson Founder 'One Voice' action group.

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