'ONE VOICE' Committee

The One Voice committee is to be formed at the General Meeting (date to be confirmed soon)

Please click on the link if you are interested to nominate yourself or someone else for the Committee


Below is the procedure for the formation and setting up of the Committee, which involves:

  1. Nomination/appointment of a chairman
  2. Number of members & their details
  3. Provision for changes in these members
  4. How frequently the meetings should be held ? (will meet once a month or as justified)
  5. specify the location of the General Meeting


  1. The Principal and committee are required to keep record of all correspondence, minutes of meetings and books of account.
  2. A report containing a precis of recent activities and meetings shall be circulated to each member of the group from time to time by the Principal, committee or sub-committee. These reports will be numbered by issue number and incorporated into the permanent record of the group.
  3. Permanent records will include, as a minimum: a list of approved members by name, minutes of meetings, members' circulars and register of Court Awards and Cost Orders. All members and claimants agree to this disclosure within the group and with the permanent records, which will be kept at the offices of Osmond & Osmond solicitors. The rights of the - Legal team to attend these records are agreed, along with ad hoc members to attend on occasion.
  4. All participating parties and members of any committee are required to act with due skill, care and concern for the common good.
  5. The Principal, or committee tasked to deal with permanent records, undertake to include the whole or part of correspondence or other material or extracts therefrom, irrespective of its form, in the permanent records.
  6. Any member is entitled to view the permanent records of the group by giving notice to the Principal who may not unreasonably withhold consent.
  7. Court Award and Apportionment (see Agreement Mandate)

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