Benefits of joining 'ONE VOICE'

"Subject to written acceptance & approval of membership applied for, after paying the required registration subcription, all approved Members of 'One Voice' action group will be entitled to access various benefits. Here are some of the main benefits and aims of the Group:-

  1. To conjoin with a powerful Class action Group that will be 'a force to be reckoned with', having a common aim to obtain restitution on behalf of creditors
  2. To unite with 'One Voice'group as "one voice" and to have that voice be heard, where it counts and where it matters.
  3. To access entitlement to Legal representation on a "no win no fee" basis which will be provided to One Voice members to have their Claim processed as part of the Class (subject to lawyers confirmation)
  4. 24/7 access to 'Members area' back office on the "One Voice" exclusive website, with regular updates, useful links etc
  5. Entitlement to attend the General Meeting (due to be convened in March or so) where a Committee will be elected
  6. Entitlement to nominate someone you choose, or to nominate oneself to serve on the Committee (to be elected at the General meeting)
  7. ntitlement to regular updates and newsletters (average once or month)
  8. Entitlement to attend any meetings, teleconferences or webinars on line
  9. Entitlement to have a 'damages' claim/s lodged on your behalf, as appropriate and if relevant to your claim
  10. Representation and best efforts to be made to investigate where your money went (forensic team) or ended up and traced.
  11. An opportunity to 'have your say' and a valuable 'platform' to work through in achieving Justice and restitution.
  12. Members of One Voice will also have exclusive access to a Members Forum, where you can air your views / comments / information and ideas, or anything constructive that may help with this class action and legal Case.

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