Statement From the Founder

"I thank you for being such a vigilante in the face of all that is unjust about the world we live in today. I wish to show you my gratitude for your courage and bravery, the long hours of toil that you put in every day and night to accomplish the right to be heard ~ one voice for the many who have lost their voice. Let me congratulate you on being the maveric who stands tall and proud in the face of all that opposes her right to free speech. And lastly let me just say what a privilage it is to know you and be your list of personal freinds and acquaintances. I admire you as a mother, a wife and a woman in this ever changing world of 2009. Thanks."- Lindsay Willcox

"I am totally committed, and focused, to the Cause of a Justice, and also to a "higher" Justice, through being instrumental to help set things in motion in order to obtain Restitution for all the wronged parties in this complex Fraud. My goal is to see everyone's finances and losses, restored, and full compensation paid for what we've all suffered and endured these past 6 years, including the compounded effect of this. Please be assured, I am continuing to work around the clock to make that happen, and using a carefully and thoroughly planned, strategic approach, with a Team of helpers who have an alignment to these same goals, to ensure that I can be effective in what I'm seeking to achieve here. Following six years of intensive hard work and research that I've voluntarily done regarding this complex fraud case, where major 'discoveries' have been made, through a Vision I've held of a 'higher Order and Justice appearing', I now feel morally and spiritually obligated to help my fellow creditor, and I feel privileged to at long last be in a position to potentially help everyone, because of what I have discovered, and put in place to provide the necessary 'platform' for everything to go forward on this basis." (Liz Watson)

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